Arts and Cultural Citizenship (2019)

Philharmonie de ParisArts and Cultural Citizenship is a new initiative originating from Romance Studies at Duke, and supported by the French Cultural Services through the CFFS, by the Forum for Scholars and Publics (FSP), the Franklin Humanities Institute (FHI), the Dean of the Humanities, and the Department of Music. The project aims to establish an ambitious cultural exchange program through a broad network of partnerships with world-class cultural institutions. The long-term goals are to study the role of the arts in constructing an inclusive social fabric, to foster a cross-Atlantic artistic and academic dialogue, and to contribute to the democratization of the arts across the Atlantic. Through customized internships, performances, collaborative projects and research programs, we are exploring the ways in which art theory, practice, and administration shape notions of belonging and negotiation of cultural spaces and challenge the idea of citizen as being a singular and monolingual subject.