Haitian Ethnopsychiatry

Louis Mars (1906-2000), son of the Haitian founder of Ethnology, Jean Price-Mars, was a pioneer in "Ethnopsychiatry" (globally comparative mental health theorization & systems). This digital library of French-language Haitian "ethnopsychiatric" texts by Mars & his cohort supports renewed partnerships of ethnological engagement with theories of mental health in Haiti, and with a return to afro-diasporic sources in global mental health research and initiatives.

  • Louis Mars
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Louis Mars Chronological Timeline

“Chronologie de l’ethnopsychiatrie haïtienne et de la vie du Dr. Louis Mars” (Collaboration de Duke University--Francophone Digital Humanities, Franklin Humanities Institute Haiti Lab, and the Department of Romance Studies—et de la faculté d’ethnologie à l’université d’état d’Haïti [UEH])


"A Cross-Cultural Higher Educational Project on Ethnopsychiatry between the Romance Studies Department and the Franklin Humanities Institute's Haiti Lab at Duke University in North Carolina, and the M.A. program in Anthropology and Social Psychology in the Faculté d'ethnologie at the Université d'état d'Haïti (UEH) in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Courses on Haitian ethnopsychiatry, taught in French at both universities, are linked by digital humanities platforms for electronic readings (the Haiti Digital Library) and research projects, including student blogs and papers, and a collaborative digital chronology of Haitian Ethnopsychiatry and the Work of Louis Mars."