France - Algeria: Macron admits Maurice Audin was tortured to death in 1957


After six decades of official silence, President Macron recognized on September 13 that a youthful antiwar intellectual, the mathematician Maurice Audin, was tortured to death in Algiers in 1957 — and that torture had been part of "a system" in Algeria under French control. In the nation's name and in person, he presented his apologies to the family. Maurice Audin's daughter, Michèle Audin, herself a mathematician but also a fiction writer, was the CFFS's guest on our campus last February (see our events calendar). In an email exchange, she conveyed her "emotion" about a turn of event that her family had been working and hoping for, in vain, for such a long time (Michèle Audin was three  when her father was taken away by soldiers from their flat in Algiers).

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